Live Every Moment


In this day and age it is so easy to lose yourself. To lose minutes, hours and even days caught up in the busyness that the world has told us defines our worth. How often have you answered, “Oh, busy. So busy,” when asked how you are doing? It is time to live now.

I just came in from exercising along the oceanfront and was surprised to see how many people were strolling along the beach path with their heads stuck into their phones, even couples. This is no judgement, because they could be out getting their exercise in to be healthy while working or catching up on the needs of the day. They could also have been on a cruise/flight without wifi and are now in cell service finally reaching out to family. Rather than judgement, it gave me pause to think about my own life.

I am in a great marriage, have awesome communication with my children and am surrounded by a strong network of people that mean the world to me. Yet I have to admit that I don’t always “Live the Moment” when I am at home. My cellphone is constantly by my side and I find myself losing a lot of time decompressing at the end of the day scrolling through my social media or the current events. Sometimes I put my phone down to transfer to a bigger screen, the TV or my computer. In the evening, time passes quickly and I find that my husband has now put down his phone and is asleep next to me. How does it happen?

I have determined that I need to remind myself to “Live the Moment”. A couple of sticky notes around the house will remind me and I even made a few that go on our phones after we have been home for over an hour. I don’t want to miss the beauty of a morning stroll on the beach or more importantly the conversation face-to-face that makes my husband laugh. It is time to “Live the Moment”, are your ready to live yours too?