Seeing Who God Loves… The Real You!


You have to love who you are today! The person you were as a child is not who you are today. An example is the metamorphosis that has taken place in my life.

I was adopted at two and a half years old and before I came to my parents I had a different name. While in fostercare I was called by this name, it was the one during the first years of my life that I recognized as belonging to me. It was the beginning of my self-identification.

Once I was adopted my parents renamed me Jennifer, but called me Jenny. As I grew older and switched school districts I asked that people refer to me as Jennifer, not Jenny. As nicknames go, my family still calls me Sis to this day. When I married my husband he began to call me Junee. My children call me Mom.

Yet now at this time of my life, as my children have become adults and my friends have seen me grow and become confident in who I am, I go by Jen.

Why all the changes in my name and are they really different people?

My first name (let’s say, Roni) was the name of a little girl who had no home. She was alone except for the kindness of strangers.

My name Sis was the little sister, the little girl who struggled to please and wanted so much she couldn’t express. She was loved deeply by her family but she struggled with her identity and value.

Jenny. Oh Jenny! She was the talker! The big voice on the playground, she longed to be heard. Jenny was the one who struggled in math, felt like she wasn’t smart enough and was the one who strove to fit in. At times she was bullied with even middle school siblings of her tormenters coming to the elementary school to chase her home.

img_0683Jennifer was more confident on the outside. She stood up for herself a bit more, but was so hard on herself on the inside. She demanded perfection of herself and protected her privacy behind a wall of outgoingness that kept people close enough to stave off lonliness but far enough from the real her. She grew into her value and strength as the years passed, but she wrestled her own battles of self-worth.

Junee is loved by the most wonderful man in the world. She is strength and wisdom, a strong helpmate and one half of one of the strongest duos in the world.

Mom is the fixer, the problem-solver, the mountain-mover and the rock. She is faithful and always available in time of need or not.

And Jen!

Happily Jen is the best of all these stages and my experiences. Similar to you I am made up of the story of my life. Jen has the benefit of years of love from God and others. She has learned that to belong is more than a family or a name. An encounter with the love of God and a journey of healing has transformed my view and value of myself. God has revealed how much He loves me and has always loved me simply because I am me… Roni, Jenny, Sis, Jennifer, Junee, Mom and Jen.

So I introduce myself as, “Jen”. Jen is the person God was seeking to introduce me to, the real me. He knew Jen from my birthmom’s womb. I am the one He has always loved before, after and during my life’s experiences and insecurities. And I have come to love her dearly.

You must first belong and love yourself before you can ever belong somewhere else.

Our identity is not our actions, works, mistakes or accomplishments. Our identity defines our worth and our worth is what God is willing to do to be with us. He gave His ALL; His Son, His Blood and His Name. My identity is priceless, as is YOURS.

So my question is WHO ARE YOU TODAY? Who you see yourself as today isn’t necessarily who you will recognize tomorrow. God says He changes us from glory to glory. Yet, we all need to take a look at the stages of our life and recognize our growth and maturity. If you judge yourself about where you would like to be in life or against what you think others have accomplished you will find yourself wanting. Instead congratulate yourself on the victory of being YOU today. Find a positive and celebrate it!

Even the most difficult life has a success when the person is still here to face the day! Focus on how far you have come in each area of your life. And most of all remember that your value is not based on what you do (in works), but rather in the price God paid just simply to have you in His presence.

Much love to you today!


2 Corinthians 3:18
Amplified Bible (AMP)

And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit.