No More “Hiding Until Your Healed”!


Back last November I experienced an inspiring victory, I completed my first 10K. Some of you watched my journey as I chronicled the emotional experience, which represented a full circle journey of healing from the intense battles of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. What a wonderful day that was. And it was meant to be the beginning of three races, the second in February and culminating in July at my first half marathon.img_0575

Unfortunately one week after the 10K, I began to show signs of an earlier injury in 2013. Not concerned I headed back to my orthopedic doctor and began PT to get myself where I needed to be in February. This time, though the injury didn’t seem to be following the expected pattern. Following the doctor’s orders and researching for all homeopathic answers I began to show signs of injury and inflammation in other parts of my body. Soon I was in hand braces and working with a carpal tunnel syndrome surgeon, all the while still dealing with the original injury in my shoulder.

I would receive cortisol shots and get better, push through and attempt to train. Yet, my body didn’t seem to work the way it had before. And after the maximum shots for an injury were given, my body began to work against me, rather than with me. I took time in March away from the battle and asked God for a special birthday month full of lunches, coffee dates and dinners. I simply wanted to enjoy friends and family, an unparty birthday party. At times friends weren’t even aware they were celebrating my birthday with me. It was wonderful time.

After this reprieve, I spent time with God and knew it was time to seek a second opinion. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and put on long-term treatment. It has been an emotional few weeks for our family, but I have to say that our kids have been amazing. Through these past four months, we have learned that faith and being healed doesn’t always show on the outside right away, but you can be strong and at peace on the inside. God’s healing power applies to this diagnosis, just like the other ones He has walked us through.

Paul and I have chatted extensively. He is my rock and I am never alone in this battle because my husband is the most amazing, quiet strength encapsulated in a loving man. He and I both agree that this is an opportunity to still be effective and make an impact in the world. IMG_2425We have decided that God never called anyone to “Hide, until they were healed”. So we will continue with rolling out the website, establishing the ministry, printing the books and posting the videos. You might notice the headscarves in the pictures and videos. You might see less make up, a few more wrinkles. But what you will also see is “real”. No more hiding until we’re healed. We will walk this out so others can know God’s strength and power in the fire and in the quiet times. The testimony isn’t when you look great and the healing is complete, it is each and every day – how you do life with Him. Live the adventure with us.