Jen Pimentel born and raised in Southern California, has a passion for encouraging other people to live their dreams. Her goal in life is to be remembered for the positive impact that she made in the lives of others while connecting people to their destiny and Father God.

A mom of three globe-trotting, adult children, a happy wife for 30 years, and an associate pastor alongside her husband, Paul; Jen has an interesting perspective of the life and stressors that make up a 21st Century family.

Her story begins with being given up for adoption at birth and learning her identity in Christ from the age of ten years old. An author and powerful teacher of the Word, Jen breaks down the barriers of negative self-esteem and connects people to their “IN CHRIST” identity. “When we realize it is truly all about Him, we can finally be free to be who He has destined us to be while loving ourselves in the process!”