It’s Time To Be Free From Fear!

The next book in the Dear Friend Love Jen series is on its way!fearless and free - jen pimentel

Getting free from fear is a process.  No one becomes fully settled in “Who they are in Christ” in the blink of an eye or even by the laying on of hands by anointed ministers.

Change comes through renewing the mind and recognizing that God’s love is powerful enough to keep you, provide for you and protect you from harm.

During our greatest battles in life it is essential to have a good friend who knows that God will never let you down.  This friend is there in the dark times, turning you around and pointing you to the throne room and the presence of God.

May these writings be that encouragement you need and the cheerleader you desire when you pass through every milestone on your journey of faith in God! It is my desire to see God create in your life the joy and supernatural peace He brought about in mine.

Be encouraged!

Love, Jen