What a walk of faith to health looks like for me…


What a walk of faith to health looks like for me:

I am busy prepping my house for the arrival of my baby granddaughter. She is almost a year and cruising from couch to table to every stable piece of furniture imaginable. I am full of joy and excitement over our planned day together.

The phone rings and glancing at it I see the all-too-familiar number. I answer with a smile, “Hi there, this is Jennifer Pimentel. Is this the vascular surgery department?” She greets me and then reminds me of my test on Monday morning and the prep required. I then mention to her that I am also scheduled for two more tests following that one, so she can cross them off her list of reminder calls. She thanks me and informs me that it will be a four hour block schedule after all, instead of the single hour she initially thought. I close the call with a smiling “goodbye” and a wish for her to have a great weekend.

As I hang up and move back to arranging furniture, the emotions well up and I have to stop for a small moment as the sob gets the better of me. I catch it within three seconds and breathe deeply. That is for another day, not today. I turn to the task at hand and the joy of the day ahead.

That is what a life of faith in the midst of a four year life-fight looks like in my world.

So often those of us, who are determined to LIVE during the journey seem unflappable. Those outside of our daily interaction (those we we do not live with) may just get small glimpses into the world of “health management”. They listen during those moments when it spills out to our outside world and at times even offer quick fixes or suggestions on how we can be more positive during the journey. And we love you for your desire to help, it is also why we need to keep these moments to a few seconds or minutes or quiet at-the-throne-of-God half hours where we seriously meltdown.

To my Sisters and Brothers Championing Their Health,

You are amazing. You do so much to stay in faith and live each day with the energy you have that day. You know God’s Word and stand strong in it and on every promise.

At times you feel guilty for those moments where the emotion seeps through your determination. For those feelings, I send you hugs and encouragement. It is ok, your emotions were sent for a God-given reason: To relieve pressure and build-up that would cause more pain in your body if never released. Embrace those moments with God, rather than feeling like you are letting Him down. You aren’t! You are championing this journey and He is proud of all you do each day.

You know you are healed. You know the battle is won. You know He is your strength and your protector. Do you also know He is your strong tower and the place to run into and be safe? Do you know that within Himself He has a table prepared FOR YOU in the midst of all you are walking out? Did you know that during those moments of weakness the power of Christ actually rests on you when you acknowledge those weaknesses?

He is proud of you, Friend. You are not letting Him down. You are rocking this journey with every step along the way.