New Series of Letters called “Hi”


Did you know there are so many different ways to say “Hi”.

It can be said with excitement, “Hi!” Or boredom like a backhanded “Hi.” Or the awkward “Hi” when your mom tells you to be polite to her best friend’s kid you just met at the grocery store.

Then there is that good “Hi.” The one where someone you know loves you, enters your space. It can come through a text. It says, “Hi there, I see you. Can I come into your space and just sit for a second?” That is the whole idea of these notes to my younger friends.

I am not telling you how to be different, or what I think would be better, or even how to solve your problems. I just wanted to write letters to all of you whom I love. To sit in the quiet of your feelings with you and to remind you that you are so precious and dearly loved by me.

So I will begin again…