Determine to fumigate, not Band-Aid the problem


Week 1 ~ Day 1

Dear Friend,

I battled fear from an early age. All types of fears; darkness, abandonment, mental thoughts, dread, etc. all took turns terrorizing me. Throughout the years, I learned how to quote scriptures when I was struggling for peace. I would apply the Word and in time the pressure would cease. These steps are necessary in the battle against fear. They prove God’s faithfulness and alleviate the struggle for a time. At the same time, this is Band-Aiding the problem. If you picture fear like a house infested with roaches it will make a lot more sense.

You see, roaches can live in a home even if you cannot see them. They hide and reproduce. If you turn on a light in the middle of the night you might see one or two running around. You then grab the bug spray and a shoe and hunt them down. You might catch them and destroy them, but if you really have a problem there are plenty hiding in the walls. Fear is just like that. It comes in through experiences and even generational curses. When it starts to affect how we operate on a daily basis, we grab the Word and kick out that uncomfortable feeling; but if we don’t go after the root (what is actually causing it) the fear continues to embed itself into our belief system.

There came a time in my life that I became intolerant of fear and unrest. The yo-yo battle of ups and downs wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed a miracle. I needed God to show up and kick the enemy out of my head. I used to spend time concentrating on fear and instead God had me begin concentrating on Him and how much He loved me. It was during this time that the truth became real to me; I didn’t need God to kick the enemy out, He had already done that through the cross. What I really needed was to fumigate my head with the Word of God and unearth the wrong thinking replacing it with truth.

Today is a wonderful day for you! You have chosen to find out God’s truth about you and to begin focusing on it. This is just the beginning of a complete turnaround for you in every area of your life. God has already accomplished every thing needed for you to live free from fear. The enemy is trespassing and you have the goods to evict him completely.

You are a Precious Child of the King of Kings and He declares you free! Now let’s begin the process of introducing you to the “Real FREE Son/Daughter of God” that you are.

Love, Jen

Journal Time:
What is your “why”? German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’

Before anyone ever makes a change, determines a goal or accomplishes a great victory, deep inside they have decided it was not only necessary but extremely important. This importance; this “why” is the power and encouragement needed to stay the course and overcome the difficult moments when our flesh wants to give up.

What is your “why”? Often people use other people as their why; I want to be better for my spouse, my children and to meet the needs of others. Yet your “why” must be personal, about yourself. No more deflecting to others as your inspiration for freedom. You are important; your health, your well-being. If your “why” is because you want to enjoy time with others without the racing mind and emotional instability then make it about yourself, your enjoyment of the time. Value yourself, God does. Write out your “why” because God gives us the desires of our heart; let your “why” be your desire on the page. One day you will look back and see how God brought it all to pass.

What is your “WHY”?