So What Have You Been Up To?


Dear Friend (who is a Mom),

Years ago, I had wonderful people in my life who brought something to my attention. They mentioned that when asked, “What have you been up to?” I would talk about my children and all of their current activities. Needless to say these friends didn’t have children at the time. They praised our parenting and knew our devotion, but also wanted to know about us and what we were filling our days with. As fantastic as that is, every parent learns that all your children have been doing is EXACTLY what YOU have been doing multiplied by 1000.

Now that my children are grown and out of college I really don’t answer the question the same. Instead I mention my current activities that surround Paul and I. Yet, if I were completely honest I could mention the things my children were doing, as well. How can I state that I have been doing these things when my children are adults? Well instead I could be technical and say the following:

I participate in multiple phone conferences a day from around the world. These clients call for technical support and clinical analysis on specific issues affecting the society at large. I am a major investor in foreign relations and regularly am consulted on financial decisions of third parties. I provide legal advice free of charge. Though not formally trained I am called upon to rationalize distraught individual’s current social situations and counsel these individuals to the proper resolution of said difficulties. As a late night editor of formal papers, I have given my opinion on French legislation, Turkish Immigration to Germany, and other key societal concerns. I am responsible for the stress reduction of multiple individuals, which includes celebration, vacation, and impromptu planning. Also, I am the go-to closer for tight races and the last pitcher they call out of the bullpen, because they know I’ll get it done. If you doubt any of this is true, just ask my family how often they say, “We better call Mom.

So my friend, I say all of this because the next time you wonder if you have a life or are making a difference, YOU ARE! You are radically affecting generations by simply being there for your children day in and day out. You are the one who points them to God and gives an ear during the challenging times, while celebrating the smallest victories to encourage them along the way.

And in the midst of all of this, never forget that you are a daughter, as well. A precious child of your heavenly Father, whose love for you is even deeper than your love for your children! He’s proud of you. You bring Him so much joy!

Stay encouraged today and whether you are potty training or listening to your college-age child after a bombed mid-term… YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE because YOU ARE MOM!