Honesty, Faith and Hanging Onto Jesus


There are times in life that I call the “hang on” times. These are those moments in the midst of a battle where you find it hard to see the positive or summon the strength to encourage yourself. Last week I hit one of those times and it rocked me. I knew that I would be ok. I knew that all God promised me would come to pass. Yet I was finding little to concentrate on in the midst of the pain and simply I was discouraged at the situation that was staring at me.

I knew I had hit this moment because my words were shifting. I was whiny without the positive or humor that usually follows it. My words were giving me away. It was here that I knew I had to “hang on”. I needed to be real to God and myself. I needed to cry and release the frustration that was inside me. All too often we think the spiritual thing is to not “feel” but that is impossible. Whether or not you release the emotion, the emotion is still inside of you impacting your body.

Real spirituality is being honest with God and yourself that you are hurting. So I did. And He met me, in the midst of my weakness. He comforted me. He strengthened me and altered my outlook with a word of encouragement where I never expected it. These are the “in the fire” moments that no one can ever take away from you. The intimate times where God shows up and does inside of you what no one else could; heal you… inside from the weariness of the battle.

You might be hitting a “hang on” moment. Do just that. Hang on! Hang on to Him. Let out the emotion, let Him comfort you. Let Him reveal Himself to be strong when you feel weak. Let Him carry you. Let God be your God. Simply “hang on” to Him.

Love you,