The moment I heard those numbers come through my headphones tears began to well up in my eyes. After three days in bed, an ambulance ride and a stern ER doctor telling me to rest, I finally had enough energy to pull myself up. I got dressed, nausea and all, and put on my shoes. Not sure how far I could walk I began my steps. One lap around my neighborhood complex, two laps with the song “Take Courage” on repeat in my ears. The moment 21:29 came across my headphones and informed me I had actually completed a mile a rush of emotion covered me.

I stopped in the middle of the parking lot and just looked at the sky. For a moment I had taken control of this battle and I had won a victory. No one was there. There weren’t any glorious pictures of someone crossing a finish line with a sweat-soaked smile. There was just me… and God, once again.